KuroFai Moments08:26

KuroFai Moments

Here's a nice peek at just what dealing with him is like.... :D Both Japanese AND English clips are included here!


His most common outfit to wear

NAME: CLAMP Fandom (Fai D. Flourite, really Yuui D. Flourite)

Age: UNDEFINED, appears about 23 years old.

Species: Human/Vampire Mage

SEX: male

Personality: He appears to be very happy-go-lucky and carefree. However, he is highly perceptive and a skilled fighter. He carries with him a deep emotional burden and values his own life very little. He won't fight very hard unless someone he cares about is in danger. He hides his unhappiness well, masking it with a cooky smile. 

Weapon of

choice: His staff and claws. 

Fai mage

Fai in his mage's outfit.

More Fai!09:14

More Fai!

More moments to give you an idea of what Fai is all about.

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