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My Little Pony (MLP) wears a headband with horse ears and a unicorn horn.[1] They also wear a pair of pegasus wings on their back.[2] Their hair is grey with the bangs dyed in rainbow colors.

The clothes they wear vary but usually come in 2 forms:

  1. Average everyday shirt and pants
  2. FANCY AND FABULOUS AF (black suit, pink shirt, and rainbow tie)

They will almost always wear the MLP logo or the cutie mark design of one of their favorite ponies (most frequently that of Rainbow Dash).[3]

Personality Edit

MLP is fond of making fanart and is surprisingly talented at it,[4] with the exception of their OCs- most of which are fairly terrible.[5][6]

They love cosplay, especially when it comes to alternate, human, or even genderbent forms of the ponies.[7]

MLP doesn't care about being manly. They love talking about theories for their show with other fandoms, but most of the time end up getting harshly judged for it. MLP tries not to show that their ridicule is getting to them, but they will sometimes act like a douche because they have to endure being called names and getting death threats so often.[7]

References Edit

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