• AGSonic Official

    Hello everyone! I am an admin to the Fandomstuck Wiki! I've been here for over two years and would love to contribute to the wiki when I can. I did not realize that this wiki is so inactive when Pikawika took over as Bureaucrat, I was excited and I would also love to become admin due to having lots of experience with this wiki.  I took over as admin in 2018 and did changes to improve the wiki, such as the theme and activities. If anyone does not take the wiki seriously, then ill have to do something about with the creator, but it doesn't mean you can't fun on making what you want. Overall, do your best!

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  • AGSonic Official

    Hello! Admin Saki here! Since there may be some people who would love to join the higher-ups, here are the steps to get there:

    • Be well behaved
    • Keep on watch on users 
    • Moderate the wiki each week 

    • Reach over 900 edits on this wiki
    • Follow the FANDOM and the Wikia's guidelines 
    • Earn the current admin(s) trust to know you are able to handle responsibility on the wiki
    • Be respectful to the fellow members of the Fandomstuck Wiki
    • When you become an admin, don't abuse your power to do what you want

    In the event that more bureaucrats are needed to keep the Wiki running properly, the requirements are:

    • Meet all the requirements of an admin
    • Edit and monitor the wiki at least once a day
    • Prove that you can be responsible and act professional even when dealing with p…

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  • AGSonic Official

    Ok, I'm trying to convert the information into sudomemo form like most pages are. The problem with this page is that is couldn't let me copy and paste the information into the page. So I try to retype the page word by word when I get the italics button, the work disappears. That's strange, I don't know if it's my computer or there's just a bug in the page. 

    Edit: I have solved this on my own, well then 

    Edit 2: I'm going to Create new pages for other characters to able to reach the 200 mark. Which fandom will be the one?

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  • Potato Pikawika

    Wiki Adoption

    February 11, 2018 by Potato Pikawika

    Update: I am now the bureaucrat of Fandomstuck Wiki! I'd like to everyone for their support, and I will continue to work on making this wiki the best it can be.


    Hello, everyone on Fandomstuck Wiki! I am currently trying to adopt this wiki, and I would greatly appreciate getting your opinions about this. The wiki has been without admins for a very long time, so I am going through the process to get the position of a bureaucrat.

    I care a great deal about this wiki, and I'm really just hoping to make it organized and give it the much needed improvements it deserves, as well as protecting it from vandalism.

    Please comment below what you think! 

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  • Hecking

    Diablo fandom anyone???

    June 11, 2017 by Hecking

    Aaaaahhhh --

    So I looked through the fandoms and I was a little dissappointed to see my childhood game series, the Diablo series, wasn't there !!

    Aaaah, I mean I found an old Tumblr page with a description of him briefly but a aaaahh--

    That's all and I just really think he'd make a nice addition to Fandomstuck !!!

    Aaaah no-one kill me for having an opinion please ---

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  • ChromaCzar

    The Sandman Fandom

    February 27, 2017 by ChromaCzar
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  • TattyK

    Okay so here's me-

    March 30, 2016 by TattyK

    I'm trash. Grade A premium quality trash.

    Welcome To Night Vale/WTNV,




    And a lot more fandoms.


    - I am a morbid douchebag. Ask anyone.

    - I'll always RP with you and it's better if we don't faff about before starting or I'll lose interest..

    - My only triggers are: Self harm, suicide and mention of the r-word. If you mention these things in a post and don't tag it I'll call you out and possibly block you.

    - Female bisexual, TAKEN.

    - I MAY spoil things for you so if you want me to tag certain things then PM me about it.

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  • CreamCakeBlast

    I'm creating the design right now! I just don't know what to do for personality relationships etc.

    I'd really like some help?

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  • AndroiDiamond

    a Fandomstuck session?

    November 21, 2014 by AndroiDiamond

    Is it just me, or wouldn't it be cool to make a proper homestuck adventure with these characters. Right now I'm involved in a roleplay wikia and the adventure is called the Omega Session. I can make the adventure, all I need are other people who would like to be the Fandomstuck heroes. If you want to join just ask which character you want and make sure you really want to be that character. If somebody wants to draw some pictures with me for the project, that would be fantastic.

    How I would make the session: There will be six players in teams of two. The 12 troll idea will be replaced by more fandoms that fit the homestuck style. They individual players will have their own rooms and stuff that show their personality.

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