Bio by FF

Bioshock Fandom, drawn by Kat. (

Bioshock Fandom is a regular roleplayer in Fandomsarchive .


Fallout Fandom is her mother, and [Prototype] Fandom is her technical father. She still refers to SuperDead Fandom as her dad at times, even if Fallout had broken their relationship. (see more under Fallout Fandom) Bioshock refers to Vocaloid Fandom as her "auntie", although she is not related to her in any form. 


Bioshock was born with the help of her aunt and Hetalia, having an 8 month time skip in the roleplay. She was born before the second SBURB session 

Bio and Doc by FF

Bioshock and Doctor Who by Kat. (

was completed, giving her more of a difficult time since she was not godtier. She died once, only to be revived by Problem Sleuth Fandom from some magical powers he had. 

Due to impatience of the roleplayer, Bioshock had grown up to 20 years of age in a day.

Bioshock went grimdark and was killed by Animal Crossing . Her dreamself was brought back by Fallout.


Ever since she was a little girl, she had a tiny crush on Doctor Who Fandom . Of course, her aunt pointed it out and set them both up like the matchmaker she is. They are now currently in a matespritship. 

She and Animal Crossing had a bit of a sibling rivialry when he grew up which grew into a full kismesistude.

Although this isn't a quadrant, Bioshock's aunt had gotten a dog. Funny enough, the dog's name was "Bubbles", and Bioshock started calling the dog "Mister Bubbles", like the creature in the video game. She also got a raven who she named Booker.

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