The Avatar Fandom is a peaceful and usually quiet fandom, but he also has an enthusiastic personality. He care a lot about his friends, and is completely devoted to protecting them. He also has a maternal personality because of the characters from the show he represents. He can control the four elements of fire, water, earth, and air. He is also known to be the type of person to bring balance to social interactions.

However, he is imprudent at times, doing highly risky things, saying that is "fun. He usually loves to ship the characters within her show such Zutara, or Toph x Sokka, and his favorite ship is Korrasami.

Relationships Edit


Tomb Raider Fandom

RELATONSHIP:Friend/Ex-Hate Crush

Tomb Raider was ATLA's first pitch crush, though nothing came about it, mostly because he never officially met her until after he had started his relationship with the Journey Fandom. They however, did become friends who argue alot, much to Journey's ire. He is the only person ATLA's killed, which happened during a confused rage in the avatar state. ATLA is eternally sorry over her death.

Supernatural Fandom/Vesta


Vesta is someone who ATLA hates with a passion They origanlly disagreed about spirits, ATLA believing that spirits can be lived in with harmony, whilst Vesta believed in destroying them.They usually make jokes about each others fandoms. Vesta has been missing for months and presumed dead by ATLA.

Journey Fandom


A dear love of his, ATLA is brash to his caution and vibrant to J's laid back nature, even as they explore together. He loves her with a quiet passion, and would do almost anything to keep her happy. However, his and Tomb's quarrels frequently irritate her. They split up recently after ATLA's first time in the Avatar state where she killed Tomb in a confused rage. Afterwards, they've been on semi-good terms , though ATLA still cares for her alot.

Shaman king Fandom/Yoh


Yoh is a friend of ATLA's who also believes in spirits. ATLA enjoys his company.

Legend of Zelda Fandom


LoZ is friend of ATLA, the two bonding over their resentment for the Tomb Raider Fandom(Tomb Raider was LoZ's Kismesis). However, he is the person to kill him after the incident with TR.

Ava's Demon Fandom

RELATIONSHIP: Friend/Ex-pale crush 

Originally, ATLA met Ava through Journey, and the two became friends. He developed a Pale crush on her, during her robotic phase, confessed to Ava about his crush on her, though Ava rejected her feelings. Despite this, ATLA doesn't hold any feelings of resentment towards her.

Disney Fandom


Though relatively new to ATLA, Disney was able to become friends with him quickly. The two tend to flirt with each other, but neither fandom holds any romantic feelings towards each other.

Information Edit

Gender: GenderFluid (Biologically Female)

Species: Human

Age: 16

Currently lives: Land of Elements And Xen


Parents’ names: Michael Dante DiMartino[1]| Bryan Konietzko (Bryke)

Best Friend: Ava

Other Important Friends: Most of the Fandoms

Quadrants: ----

Extras Edit

  • He is GenderFluid and Pansexual
  • He is afraid to go on the Avatar State and hurt his friends.
  • He loves Cactus Juice, and a lot of different food.
  • In the Avatar State, he usually don't recognize her friends, That's why he is afraid of hurting them
  • His relationship with the spirits is very close.

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