About Edit

Attack on Titan is an manga / anime series created by Hajime Isayama about the story of a society that lives behind massive walls in fear of the monstrous titans who prey solely on humans. In an attempt to protect their people, a scout regimen is formed of those strong enough to travel beyond the walls and start uncovering the truth about the titans... even if that means losing lives in the process.

You are... Edit

You are the Attack On Titan fandom. You enjoy cosplay, gore, and anime in general, because let's be honest - anime is freaking awesome. You also have a general fascination with anything that you can almost have, but can't. You know that humanity is cattle and you have to free it.

You flip out when people say you can't do things, or when they diss your scarf or cape. When you get upset you TEND TO GO INTO CAPS LOCK MODE UNTIL YOU Calm down.

Things that Homestuck fans will get Edit

Dreamer: Derse

God tier: Mage of Doom

Land of Blood and Steel

Chum Handle: titanKiller

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