Animal Crossing Grown Up

Animal Crossing Fandom. (Original Photo goes to

Animal Crossing Fandom is roleplayed by a regular from Fandomsarchive .

Personality and AppearanceEdit

Animal Crossing is a very cheery character, as his games are meant to be. He likes to play with animals, and likes to catch bugs. He has blonde hair and green eyes. Animal Crossing is about 20 or so years old.


Though he got off to a rough start, he is in a relationship with Bioshock Fandom. It is uncertain with what sort of quadrant they are in, kismesistude or matespritship, but they really could not care less.



Animal Crossing is able to fit anything in his pockets, turn furniture into leaves and store those in there, identify any animal, and be good with tools. He will have a green thumb, be interested in zoology and be able to understand animals, be interested in fashion and hairstyling, be able to change his eye color when he pleases, and be very good in group discussions when he grows older.

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