The Alice in Wonderland Fandom is a character from the Fandomstuck community on Tumblr and Google+

Basic Information Edit


The Wonderland fandom appears in the form of Alice from the Disney movie Alice in Wonderland. The only thing different is the four pins in the right of her hair placed to look like two Xs, and her skirt pattern is black-red-black with either white or black hearts or diamonds in the middle of the colors. 

Personality Edit


Quadrants Edit

She has mentioned on a crush on the Sherlock Fandom, possibly a hate relationship with the Ava's Demon Fandom or the Doctor Who Fandom, due to him letting her down when she was counting on him to save her.

Attack On Titan Fandom - Matesprit Edit

Percy Jackson Fandom - Moirail Edit

She is in an unhealthy moralligance with Percy Jackson and the Olympians, because he is overly possessive and overprotective.

Trivia Edit

  • Alice has ALLEGROPHOBIA, or the fear of being late

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