About Me! Edit

The Achievement Hunter Fandom (or AH ) is a 25 year old guy who is in love with video games. His name is Gavin Free. He's obsessed with the Halo Fandom. He's very flirtatious. He's also obsessed with his Tower of Pimps, it is his life line, if destroyed he is also destroyed, mentally, physically and emotionally. Anything done to that tower happens to him, please refrain from stabbing it. His sexuality: Bisexual

Tumblr lyofkyrf3o1r4nsx4o7 r1 1280 by minnie3693-d72y38l

Appearance Edit

(See Photo)

Strife Specibus/Modus/Quirk Edit

Download (1)

Strife Specibus: Bowkind and Controlerkind

Modus: Achievement Modus. It works like this-

If you wish to unlock an item, you must complete a relevant achievement to that object.

Quirk: the letters AH are always capitalized as well as GO. [bgcolor=#000000][color=#00de00]When speaking his words are in this color format.[/color][/color]

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