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Appearance Edit

ASMR has light skin with dark brown eyes, which also comes with glasses. She also has black hair with a flower crown showing to the picture trend. ASMR usually wears two High school uniforms, one from where AMSR started and one from Japan (she is currently wearing the Japanese one).

Personality and Interests Edit

ASMR whispers in conversations, she can't be loud. ASMR is happy, but can also be very shy towards people, she always acts as everything is a surprise to her. She absolutely loves role playing, she loves it so much that she even asks fandoms to RP with her. ASMR also does cosplay for ASMR role play and as a hobby. She is also a really good artist and people can request her to do drawing ASMR. Finally, ASMR loves gardens, she picks up flowers to do her flower crowns and sell them as well.

Relationships Edit

Is friendly with Stereotypical Fandom.

Gallery Edit

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