.flow (pronounced as dot Flow) is a Yume Nikki Fangame fandom of the same name, created by lol. The game follows the same scheme as Yume Nikki, but pretty more darker, and instead of the sceneary being the protagonist's dreams, it's on a computer realm.


.flow's appearance resembles a lot like Sabitsuki's, the main character, her clothes are different, though, these are like another character's ones. She wears a beige sleeveless jacket and a crimson shirt under it, a white skirt that is "her favorite one", and leaher brown shoes. From her wrists upwards, she wears bandages.

.flow's eyes are red (used to have them closed like her sisters until she got into to the game) and has white short, messy hair.


  • .flow has a ton of brothers and sisters, whose are Yume Nikki Fangame's fandoms like her, except Yume Nikki, who's the eldest and the original. Some of her sisters are Yume Nisshi, Yume 2kki and Lcd Dem, the most knew fangames. Though, she has sisters from lol's part, as he also created other games.
  • Hates Kaibutsus.
  • Like her sisters, she can dream, but she doesn't sleep too much since she spends her time on the computer (she's able to communicate with others through dreams and her computer's world).
  • Info taken from this blog.